Stop Cruelty to Animals

When children are not taught, at a young age,  to treat animals well, or when they observe adults around them being cruel to animals, children begin to develop character traits harmful to society. Actions that caused injury or death to domestic animals should be deemed as unlawful. It breeds violence and hurts people opposed to cruelty.

Lets please do our share to protect dogs and cats and other animals.  We need to  appeal for strongly enforced anti-cruelty laws to hold abusive people accountable. A Government that supports this cause promotes character building.

There are still economically-challenged communities in the Philippines that consider a dog as a delicacy.  Dog lovers are at a loss on what to do about this.  Doubly painful is the manner in which dogs are brutally killed.

It has become the challenge of private citizens and concerned people to try to rescue dogs and cats from brutality, abuse and death.  Some shelters are well run, while there are  shelters still known to lack guidance and policies, and are non-transparent to tax payers, even banning picture-taking least it implicates them.

Please support PAWS, Philippines, or any organization that is known for their credible work in preventing cruelty to animals and in seeking the proper adoption for dogs and cats.   A handful of people can only do so much.  This organization needs more hands and more funds.

Here are ways to help:

  • Donate money or dog food to feed and rehabilitate rescued animals,
  • Participate in rescue and care (PAWS can teach you how to do this)
  • Adopt a pet, if you are deemed qualified, which makes you care for an emotionally or physically injured animal, and rehabilitate it as your family pet.

Again, please give your donations directly to reputable organizations. PAWS is known to be reputable and transparent.

Please… give PAWS a call, and see how you can help.

 We do not accept donations on their behalf.  Kindly directly connect to them through their website:  The Philippine Animal Welfare Society PAWS

Zara, the minipincher in the picture, was for sale in an unsupervised pet shop.  Gratefully, it is no longer in business.  When bought she displayed fear of perceived starvation (zealously guarding her food or binge eating) and had an extreme  phobia to bathing (gentleness and patience through many years has eased the phobia).  Pet shops can sometimes end up  with unqualified hires who maltreat dogs that are for sale.

With us, Zara  is secure and loved, and she is lovable and highly social.