Hazing is evil

This advocacy began as End Hazing, and was changed to Hazing is Evil. As Mr. Servando says, “a spade should be called a spade.”

Optimized Solutions has connected with Mr. Aurelio “Taboy” Servando, whose son Guillo Servando died from hazing in the hands of some members from the  Tau Gamma Fraternity.

We believe that hazing does not result in a bond of brotherhood.  It instead promotes violence, physical and emotional damage, and even death, which causes pain to families who end up losing a loved family member.

While we are not against fraternities per se, we believe hazing should never be a part of fraternity or sorority entry.

Our advocacy is to help Mr. Servando speak to Educational Institutions, Educators and Parents by arranging for him guest-speaking engagements in schools, universities and civic clubs.

For guest speaking engagements, please contact us through our website contact form below. Please provide your contact details, such as which group the talk will be for, and when.  We will forward your request to Mr. Servando.

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