End Bullying

Jared High, was a victim of bullying, and it drove him to end his own life. Shortly thereafter, his mother, Ms. Brenda High, along with other parents and concerned people, positioned  themselves to take action to stop bullying in schools.

A learning environment defeats its purpose, when in its ground, children feel fearful, condemned, threatened. and in despair. Yet, bullying is common-place in our education system. It has driven enough children to emotional stress and bullycide, and it has hurt many, many families.

It’s time we take a stand as parents and as concerned people, and speak up against bullying, rallying for solutions and actions, to allow our children freedom to learn in bully-free schools.

To know more about the work of Ms. Brenda High, please visit this link.

Brina Maxino was born a down syndrome child. In her growing up years, she was constantly bullied for her intellectual challenge. Her parents and siblings stood up for her, and began their advocacy of End Bullying.

Brina has risen from her intellectual challenge. With the help of her family and therapist, she is now a beautiful young woman, with the resolve to speak up against bullying.
Optimized Solutions helps arrange for Brina and her parents talks for civic clubs and educational institutions to promote her anti-bullying campaign.

Brina attended regular school and was the school’s valedictorian. She was invited to the White House by President Obama, as a delegate for Special Olympics. In that event, she was also chosen to introduce Performer Katy Perry.

She is now in college, majoring in History. And this feisty young lady, together with her family, has an important message to share with the world: RESPECT and SUPPORT people with Intellectual Challenges.

Please help us promote a culture of respect to people who are Intellectually Challenged. To have Brina Maxino and her parents talk to schools, universities and civic clubs on End-Bullying, please contact us through our website’s contact form below. We will forward your request to Brina’s parents.

RED – A Feeln Original Short Film, about Bullying in Schools from SpiritClips.